Common Issues Applicants Make When Searching For Jobs

As soon as individuals finish their education, they need to look for jobs in order to accommodate their needs. Surely, there are numerous job opportunities, but there are also a lot of applicants who are seeking for jobs. In addition, some applicants encounter issues that can make their search worse. To avoid these issues, below are some of the mistakes individuals need to know.

Incomplete application. One of the most common mistakes of applicants when searching for jobs is they sometimes have an incomplete application. As of now, there are numerous individuals who seek for jobs in order to accommodate their needs. Because of this, employers meticulously check their information. Because of this, having an incomplete application can be a huge problem since employers cannot determine if you have the right skills and knowledge for the job they offer. To avoid this, make sure that you provide complete and accurate information in your application.

Wrong attire. The next issue that applicants encounter and searching for jobs is they go to interviews with the wrong attire. Some business experts state that apart from the right mindset and skills, attires are important when applying for a job since you need to make a good impression to the employer. By wearing the right attire, you can have better chances in getting a job than individuals who wear shirts and jeans.

Not following instructions. Another mistake that individuals make when looking for jobs is they do not follow instructions. There are some cases when employers have certain requirements applicants need to follow. And, following these instructions are important to allow employers determine if you can be a good member of their company. Sadly, simple requirements are frequently neglected by individuals which is the reason why they are not hired.

Forgetting about your background. As mentioned above, there are numerous job opportunities individuals can opt for. However, some individuals cross the line due to the stiff competition. Unfortunately, applying for a job not related to your skills and knowledge can be hard. So, make sure that you stay on your field to allow you to get job more efficiently.

Neglecting to opt for staffing services. Finally, some individuals also neglect to opt for staffing services. Some individuals think that opting for such service can be expensive. Not to mention, individuals also think that staffing services can only benefit employers. But, the truth is, staffing companies allow applicants to find the best job position for them. This is possible since they have a wide list of employers in different industries. Not to mention, some service providers also offer training programs to help applicants find jobs more efficiently.

These are only some of the mistakes applicants need to be aware of to make their job search easier and more successful.

Job Searching Tips

So I just noticed that a job that I applied and interviewed for is re posted as having two positions available and the posting was recently updated but when I go on that companies’ website and sign in it states that I am still “under consideration” for that particular job opening.

Upon reading forums I see that it is the hiring managers responsibility to go back through and change the status to “No Longer Under Consideration”

The Hiring Manager has to go back through and do this for all the perspective employees whose applications they acknowledged.

Sometimes they don’t do this for all of them as there can be hundreds at a time. They have to acknowledge them electronically every time someone applies and once the position is filled or you are no longer considered for it they don’t go back through each and every applicant to acknowledge that you either didn’t qualify or you did qualify but someone just happened to have more experience than you.

Keep applying. Also, if the company website states that you are still under consideration, CALL THEM if it has been over a week since you interviewed.

When you initially apply sometimes a company will send you an e-mail acknowledging that they received your application and or Resume. In this e-mail they will state that they will review the information given and if you have the skill set that they are looking for someone will contact you.

After receiving this e-mail it is good to call in a couple of days to let them know you are still available and interested if the position is still open.

You may receive a follow-up e-mail within two days to two weeks letting you know that you are no longer considered for the position but it is best not to wait for that follow-up e-mail.

Do not wait for a response to one particular job opening.

Keep applying to other places. Keep up with checking on your Resumes and applications.

Do not get discouraged if you see a job that you applied for back on the job search site.

If you are still interested, simply reapply. It may have been that at the time of your initial inquiry that there were more experienced candidates even though you did have qualifications they were looking for.

Perhaps one of the initial candidates may have not taken the opportunity. Seeing the Job posting again does not mean that you were not at least considered.