The Job Interview Technique That Will Blow Away the Competition

As a person who has worked with a lot of individuals looking for new jobs or careers, I’ve been asked if I could recommend a “magic bullet” strategy – a job interview technique that would just about ensure my client the job. I also have helped many people learn how to survive a job interview without throwing up (yes, some people get very nervous about that job interview!).

The answer, of course is, “No, there is no magic bullet.” But you already knew that! Let’s face it, we all hope that there will be something – somehow – that, if only we know what it is, will help us get the job so we can stop worrying and get back to work.

Having said that, there are certain things that you can do to better your odds of getting that job offer. Let’s start with reviewing what MOST people do when they are honing their job interview technique skills.

Some people think that if they just practice answering the tough interview questions that they think they’ll be asked, that will be enough to know how to survive a job interview. They make sure that they have a clean suit of clothes for the interview. They make sure that they know exactly how long it will take to get to the office for the interview, and they allow time for traffic or other unforeseen circumstances.

They make sure they brush their teeth before the interview, and they bring copies of their resumes, references, and portfolio if they have one. They make sure that they write a thank you note and pop it into the mail shortly after the interview.

Ahem… At least I HOPE that’s what everyone is doing!

But that’s not what the most eager and most prepared job seeker does. And, in fact, none of those aforementioned things will teach you how to survive a job interview. But, there is something that will. Something that will actually make you feel pretty excited about the job interview! Here it is. Ready? (Drum roll, please)

The best job interview technique is to bring something to the interview – something to give to your interviewer. I’m not talking about bringing a gift or flowers. I’m not talking about bringing a bribe.

I’m not talking about bringing pictures of your kids who will surely starve if you don’t get this job.

I’m talking about bringing something relevant to the job you are going after. Bring an article you found in the paper about the company (be sure it’s a favorable article!). If you are going for a public relations position, bring an article you’ve written about the company that they might use. Bring an idea of how you intend to specifically meet the company’s needs – needs that you already uncovered when you researched the company before you even applied!

Does this sound too simple? Well, it does take time and effort on your part to put forth the effort that you are intending to show on the job to begin with, does it not? So, why not show your potential employer right from the get go that you’ve got what they need! Don’t just talk about it, show them!

Think about it – if you want to know how to survive a job interview, and you need an outstanding job interview technique, does it not make sense to prepare for something that THEY are not expecting to see? How powerful! And think of the confidence you will feel when you enter the room.

And, you probably won’t throw up after all!